Cockroach Treatment: Spraying vs. Baiting and Dusting

Anyone who has had a cockroach infestation knows the havoc they can wreak. They would not only bring a bad picture of you in terms of hygiene whenever guests come calling, but they are also a health hazard. Because no one can stomach living with roaches, what is the best way of exterminating them?

Methods of Killing Cockroaches

There are different ways of controlling cockroaches. What one chooses highly depends on the level of infestation, the budget, and the safety of humans and animals in the household. The common cockroach methods include:

  • Using sticky traps
  • Exclusion and elimination of breeding and hiding places
  • Using aerosols, sprays, and foggers
  • Using boric acid
  • Cockroach dust
  • Sanitation by clearing anything that attracts them

Spraying Versus Baiting and Dusting Cockroaches

The most popular ways of controlling and exterminating cockroaches are spraying, baiting, and dusting. However, each has its pros and cons, which sets them apart from each other. Depending on a client’s preferences or level of cockroach infestation, a pest control company may choose either option.

A. Cockroach Spray

Cockroach spray is highly preferred as the first form of defense when giant roaches crawl up the wall or scuttle fast across the floor. It is a cathartic method of eliminating the pests once you see them, but it is not the best for long-term cockroach extermination. This is because they are for killing pests on sight, but they do not sufficiently reach hiding and breeding spots, failing to eliminate the source of the infestation.

B. Cockroach Baits and Dust

Cockroach baits and dust can kill more roaches. With poisonous bait or less toxic dust, the pests can help to spread that and kill others. They are effective, especially in places where the pests congregate, including dark areas behind electronics.


So the big question is, what is better between spraying versus baiting and dusting roaches? While people have varying opinions, the basic considerations revolve around the efficacy of each method and its effects on humans and animals. The bottom line is, if you have little children and pets, using baits and cockroach dust instead of sprays would be much safer.


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